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Here, for your very much web enjoyment, I have placed links to some great places on the web. There are sections for Inu-Yasha sites, web design resources, and a (huge) section for whatever the heck I feel like putting on this page. ^^

Before we get started, though, here are some buttons and a banner you can use to link to me if you should happen to feel like it.

Inu-Yasha Sites
Inuyasha: Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi Maybe the most informative Inu-Yasha site around.
Kagome-chan's Inuyasha Page
AME: Inuyasha
Shikon no Tama
Viz's transcript of Animerica's interview with Rumiko Takahashi re: Inuyasha
Inu-Yasha HeadQuarters
Musashi's Domain: Inu-Yasha Forever! GREAT site!!!
Into The Demons Lair... fantastic IY site. Lots of fun stuff to do. ^^
Inuyasha no Miko
Sailor Bob's Inuyasha Page
Inu-Yasha's Asylum
Sengoku Jidai
Queen of Swords' IY fanfiction and fanart
Fluffy - a Sesshou Maru Shrine
Sesshoumaru no Tosatsujou
IY WinAmp skins, desktop wallpaper and more! (Nabs-chan's site)
Inu-Yasha's Comic House
Inu-Yasha's Forest
The Inu-Yasha Picnic Grounds
Inu-Yasha fanfics
More Inu-Yasha fanfics
InuYasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
A page of Inuyasha fanart

Web Design Resources

Fantastic medieval and Celtic backgrounds, buttons, icons, etc.

Animated gifs. Nice backgrounds, other stuff too.

Viz Communications (These are the people who put out the English version of Inu-Yasha...)
The Great Viz War by the Anti-Viz Heavy Assault Team
Absolutely Ranma 1/2 Anime Page
HAHAHAHA.... Ranma's Trip to Mainframe. It's a Ranma/ReBoot crossover fanfic.
Silvestris' Studio... really good IY, ReBoot, and other anime fanart.
The Ranma 1/2 Library
Digital Knight Communications These people have written two great fanfictions called Daigakusei no Ranma ("College Student Ranma") and Daigakusei no Ukyo. I highly recommend them.

Cephiro: The Place Where Your Will Determines Everything (A Magic Knight Rayearth page)
The ReBoot Home Page
Elizabeth's Classic Movie Homepage
The Society for Creative Anachronism
The Victorian Web Overview
I'd also like to shamelessly plug my best friend's websites, so here goes!

The Okamipage (this is her main page)
D & Julie's Sassy, Studly, Johnny Bravo Website!!
D & Julie's Olympian Showdown
Okami's Strictly Enforcer-Only Webpage! (this is a S.W.A.T. Kats site)
The "Lone Wolves" website... D's own creation. Check it out!!
Trigun: Love and Peace!
Mostly Magatsu (a Blade of the Immortal Site about Magatsu)
Chichiri no Seidou

Yahoo Clubs
Cadfael's Herbarium Forum for discussion of the Brother Cadfael books and TV series. (I made this one!!!)
Marianne's Alan Rickman Club For fans of the distinguished British Actor, Alan Rickman.
Tarzanaholics For discussion of anything Tarzan-related, most particularly the Disney movie.